March 11, 2016


AYT is a Group of Companies active in Istanbul, Dubai and Houston. Its main core businesses are Energy, Construction, Project Development and International Trade. AYT headquarter is located in Istanbul.

AYT co founders have 25 years experience in oil&gas, power generation, industrial plants, refineries and infrastructure EPC projects in many parts of the world such as Russia, CIS countries, Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

AYT is an integrated EPC contractor, developer and retail service provider for various sectors. The group has in place global network of offices, strategic partners, manufacturing facilities and resources to undertake responsibility as single contractor for EPC contracts.  Single point responsibility as EPC contractor allows our clients to pass their risk to us and concentrate on their core business activities.

The group has strong presence spanning Middle East, Asia, CIS, MENA and Russia I Turkey. With multinational and multicultural work team striving to achieve the group vision of being one of the reputable EPC contractors by 2020.

The presence of engineering, procurement, project management, construction, commissioning capabilities in-house give us a strong edge to execute projects within budget and shorter delivery cycles so our clients are assured of quality and value every step of the way.

One of our core strength is to track record of successful project completions within challenging schedules. Our project management team establishes priorities, coordinates activities, monitor closely and controls all operation during entire execution of project.





AYT’s roadmap starts with its enduring mission. It declares AYT‘s purpose as a company. AYT’s mission is to exceed customers’ and partners’ expectations, to be a leading company among the main business lines. AYT aims to deliver superior results through;

Strategic investments

Planning excellence

Operational success

Teamwork and collaboration




AYT’s vision is the framework of its roadmap, guides its business to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. AYT aims to develop a winning network of business partners and customers, maximize long-term returns with being mindful of its responsibilities, be effective and fast-adapting company, become the most trusted and leading business partner among its main business lines.

AYT puts its business partners and customers in the center of its attention, treat them with trust, respect and integrity.



ACCOUNTABLE : AYT takes disciplined approach to its work and businesses, demonstrating values and providing a positive return.

PASSIONATE : AYT constantly strives for excellence in everything.

INTEGRITY : Empowered to do right thing with consistent and high ethical standarts in everything AYT does by embracing honesty, fairness, respect and safety.






Energy Sector References


  Project Name :  Dashoguz Power Plant

   Client : Turkmenistan Ministry of Energy

   Location : Dashoguz – Turkmenistan

  Start – End Date : 8/1/2005 – 2/1/2007


  Project Name :  Turkmenbashi Power Plant

   Client : Turkmenistan Ministry of Energy

   Location : Turkmenbashi – Turkmenistan

  Start – End Date : 1/1/2002 – 2/19/2003


  Project Name :  Balkanabat Power Plant

   Client : Turkmenistan Ministry of Energy

   Location : Balkanabat – Turkmenistan

  Start – End Date : 11/1/2002 – 10/27/2003


  Project Name :  Asghabat Power Plant

   Client : Turkmenistan Ministry of Energy

   Location : Askabat – Turkmenistan

  Start – End Date : 5/1/2004 – 2/13/2006


  Project Name :  Abadan Power Plant

   Client : Turkmenistan Ministry of Energy

   Location : Turkmenistan

  Start – End Date : 11/1/2002 – 10/27/2013




Oil & Gas Sector References


  Project Name : Offshore Energy and Gas Terminal

   Client : Turkmenistan Ministry of Energy

   Location : Kıyanly – Turkmenistan

  Start – End Date : 1/14/2005 – 12/31/2007




Construction Sector References


  Project Name : The Ministry Residences Project

   Client : Turkmenistan Council of Ministers

   Location : Askabat – Turkmenistan

  Description : The Ministry Residences Project, which started to be constructed in February 2002 in Ashkhabad, capital of Turkmenistan, is composed of 31 blocks in total in an indoor area of approximately 251.000 square meters.


  Project Name : Maternity Hospital  (Five hospitals)

   Client : Turkmenistan Ministry of Health

   Location : Askabat – Turkmenistan

  Description : The Ministry of Health Project, completed with construction and development of Maternity Hospitals.


  Project Name : Sudan Telecom Building

   Client : National Association of Telecommunications

   Location : Khartoum – Sudan

  Description : Construction and development of Sudan Telecom Building.


  Project Name :  Turkmenistan Ministry of Energy Building

   Client : Turkmenistan Ministry of Energy

   Location : Askabat – Turkmenistan

  Start – End Date : 4/1/2004 – 10/27/2006